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BEEHIVE, a hive of some pulsating young heads was established in the year 2008. Team BEEHIVEā€™s Profile is an affluent mix of Engineering Graduates, Arts Graduates and Master Degree Holders in various fields. So, this richness has helped us evolve with a variety of fruits on a single Branch.Now,Beehive is branched into Beehive Software Solutions and Beehive Communication Club.

Started with 3 Computers and 3 Working individuals, today,Beehive Software Solutions is a Firm of eminence piloted by an efficient Management. Other than BEEHIVE, another 7 letter word that the Firm believes in is QUALITY.

"Taking Rain Drop as our role model, we are always focused on serving back the land that gave birth to us."

Our Clients and our repeated Business with them have staged this Statement under lights. As we have got practiced to daily hour based projects, we are aficionados in adapting Deadlines and maintaining Timing. BEEHIVE is based in the Land of Education, Virudhunagar.

Our Services


We hold a wide range of client base including the educational institutions, manufacturing units and service providers. We proffer services in the numerous forms helping our clients to ease their business and maximize their profit.

Software Solutions

Software solution is our prime focal area. We come up plenty of software to serve the daily needs of business. Here are the few of our reliable software.

  • Bee-book - Inventory Billing, Accounting and Statistic Analyzer.
  • HR Management - Bio-Metric Verification & Authentication.
  • SMS Automation (SMS to Customers / Students / Parents).

ERP Solutions

Our ERP is comes with selectively modules which makes it comfy to use both in manufacturing units as well for service providers. We proffer two unique ERP solutions for educational institutions and production units.

  • Bee-school - ERP for Schools and Colleges.
  • Bee-factory - ERP for Production Units.

Web Solutions

Web solutions come in the form of Website Design, Re-design and Web Hosting. We are specialised in offering both static and dynamic website services. Static websites are developed across all domains.Few of our dynamic sites are in the field of

  • Agriculture commodities.
  • Matrimony.
  • Education Journal.


As promised above, we serve by the words of Quality. We achieve timely completion by selfdiscipline and task monitoring through Jira, a task management web application. We provide software solutions on two modes.

1. Service based mode
Cloud based computing is the basis for service based mode. The customer can access the software from our server with a dedicated user credentials.

2. Product based mode
In this mode, we check out the source from sub version tree in the customers' hardware. The version updates are provided periodically for software enhancement.

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The excellence in the Governance of Hive could be attributed to Mr.R.Dhanasekaran (I.T). M.B.A and Mr.P.Venkatesh M.E. (C.S). The tenacious knowledge base and blend of exposure from manufacturing Industry, Teaching, Training and Software corporate has proven them to be strong and aid in running the Beehive in rightful direction and in the path of continuous growth

Our external Support
Technical Expertise

The mix of technical support not only stops within the hive but also from the helping hands of Software architects from New Jersey. Strata Infosys, Hyderabad has been of great support in proffering new ideas and innovation.
We are proud to have Mr.D.Jegadish M.S., software engineer from Finland as advisor for Beehive.